Wiwu Stylus Pencil For Apple iPad Stylus For iPad & Tablets



1. Pencil-Stylus redefines the drawing and recording on tablets and smartphones (some applications).
2. Pencil-stylus actually feels and writes in the same way as a pen, does not require special software, and works with all devices with iOS and Android touch interface.
3. Stylus Pencil does not rely on special pre-installed software or specific applications.
Using the switch button, it is instantly activated to work on any device using capacitive touch.
4. The active stylus works independently of special software or special settings in applications. Thus, it practically Works with any application, including popular applications, such as ZoomNotes, Evernote, paper by FiftyThree, ProCreate and many others.
5. compatibility with most touch devices: for iOS / Android / microsoft devices, for iPad, Mini, for iPhone, for Samsung ggalaxy, for Nexus, for LG G Pad, for htc and other touch screen devices
6. back cover, with adsorption magnet, prevent loss, very practical, screen compatible Touch glass, capacitive screen pen, ips screen, etc., can be used in tablet computers, iPad, iPhone, laptop, mobile phones, etc. etc., and applies to the iOS system, Android system, Microsoft Windows10 system.
* Material: aluminum alloy
* Built-in battery, charging via usb port