Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case With Backlit & Trackpad Protective Case For All Ipad 10.5 Inches


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Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard  with Backlit Keyboard Protective Case for All iPad pro Feature: 1.ou Let your iPad switch for MAC (make yr mobile office entertainment more convenient and portable). 2. Real split-design Bluetooth keyboard cover, shorter and more beautiful than the traditional, the case can be used alone. 3. inclination of inclination 15 degrees, ergonomics, for iPad disk points outside, typing is simple and comfortable, do not hurt hands. 4. The improved version of the hidden pin slot design, to preserve the tilt pin slot, looks nice and comfortable. 5. Ultrathin design, the thinnest place is only 0.36cm. 6. Convenient Bluetooth connection with one button. 7. ABS scissors feet, laptop key design. 8. Waterproof design, waterproof splash. 9. Seven colors hide the backlight, can change to any color. Specification: Tablet Cover: Material: wear-resistant fine leather + ABS keyboard. Material: TPU + PU + ABS Keyboard: Connection: Bluetooth 3.0 Battery: built-in rechargeable lithium battery Battery capacity : 2450 mAh Charging time: less than 4 hours Battery life: 3 years Long life