Smart Stylus Pen For Microsoft Surface Pro 4 / 5 / 6



Product Name: surface flat touch panel
Product Model: P303
Color: Black / Silver
Relevant products for Microsoft surface GO / for Microsoft surface pro5 6 / for surface Book Book2 laptop surface / for Laptop2
Pressure level: 1024
Battery Capacity: 580 mAh
Fueling: compatible with conductive fiber
It has three modes listed below.
1. Mode of operation: refueling touches the screen, and the mode of operation, when the pressure is constantly changing.
2. sleep mode: without changing the pressure for 2 minutes to enter sleep power saving mode.
3. guidance mode: the distance between the dressing and the screen is less than 5 mm (the screen is not touched), and the cursor is displayed on the screen, indicating that the active pen has been waked up and ready to enter operating mode