Outdoor Security Dummy Camera Waterproof Wireless PIR Monitor LED Solar Powered Wall Light Sensor Garden Lights Garage Lamp



SOLAR POWERED – Charged and powered by daylight alone, this light can be fitted and will work reliably in all seasons (inc winter) using 100% renewable energy by the charging of the solar panels from sunlight.
MOTION DETECTION – When this is on AUTO it is motion activated and only when it is dark. The light will stay on for approx 30 seconds once activated. it states it can be activated up to 10-15’away and this is 100% accurate unlike some other lights
BRIGHT & CONVENIENT SECURITY LIGHT – Bright light fixture, featuring 8x super power bright LED Bulbs , Lights up indoor and outdoor space; front or back porch, shed, travel trailer, illuminate stairs, closets, pathways, driveways, gardens, stairway etc. Floodlighting effects can be acheived with good placement!
CAMERA SHAPE – Dummy Camera & FLASHING RED LIGHT style sensor makes this look like a CCTV camera and deters intruders