Omnicharge Omni Mobile 25600mah High-Capacity Laptop Power Bank



Can Charge Wired & Wireless Devices
Quick Charge 3.0 & Power Delivery
DC Barrel | USB Type-C | USB Type-A
25600mAh Capacity
8-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
10W Wireless Charging
Indicator Lights
The Omni Mobile 25600mAh High-Capacity Laptop Power Bank from omnicharge is designed to charge wired and wireless mobile devices. With an 8-cell lithium-ion battery and a 25,600mAh capacity, this power bank can charge laptops, smartphones, tablets, speaker, action cameras, and gaming devices multiple times. The Omni Mobile is equipped with a DC barrel port that can input up to 42W and output up to 72W. There’s also two Quick Charge 3.0 compatible USB Type-A ports and one Power Delivery compatible USB Type-C port. Moreover, you can charge your smartphone up to 10W with the integrated wireless charging pad. Additionally, you can keep track of the Omni Mobile’s battery level with its indicator lights.
High-Powered USB Type-C
Charge your USB Type-C laptop straight from the Omni Mobile 25600’s USB Type-C port. It’s capable of outputting up to 60W, so you can power your laptops, tablets, and more.
Multiple DC Voltage
Leave your laptop charger at home and charge straight from the DC barrel port. With four preset voltages, you get an efficient, lightweight method of charging.
USB Type-A Fast Charging
Equipped with Quick Charge 3.0, this power bank’s USB Type-A port can provide fast charging for your phones, tablets, and more.
10W Wireless Charging
Recharge your smartphone with the wireless charging feature. Simply place your phone on top of the Omni Mobile to get fast and reliable wireless charging.
What You Can Charge
Laptops: Up to two charges
Smartphones: Up to six to nine charges
Tablets: Up to three charges
Speakers: Up to seven charges
Action Cameras: Up to fifteen charges
Gaming Devices: Up to five charges

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