Magnetic Case Front+Back double-sided Tempered Glass For Huawei P40



Perfect Match:“Note”: Because the design of this case is completely fit to the phone, please remove any other accessories Other screen protector before use to achieve a perfect match.Support wireless charging. Accurately match the camera, switch, speaker, volume button, charging port, the buttons are very comfortable,seamlessly connect with your phone makes it easy to carry and use in any occasion.Match for Huawei P40.
Sensitive Touchable Front Tempered Glass: Support touch operation. The front and back of the case are screen protectors made of 9H tempered glass. You can control your phone directly on the sensitive front glass. No need for an extra screen protector.If you feel that the touch is not sensitive enough, please turn on the ‘Touch Sensitivity’ option in your phone. Path: Settings – Advanced Features – Touch Sensitivity
360° All-Round Protection:Perfectly crafted from two advanced materials,completely wrapped the entire body.German Aluminum-Magnesium alloy metal frame with built-in cotton bumper for anti-drop, anti-scratch and shock absorption to protect your phone from all kinds of accidental damage;9H Tempered glass protects the front and back of your phone, scratch-resistant, dirt-resistant, easy to clean, highly durable and hard, keeping your phone in perfect condition.
Magnetic Adsorption Upgraded:Easy to install. Eight powerful magnetic points make it easy to mount the case and the phone very tightly.After the drop test,we have proved that ordinary non-fully protected magnetic cases often disintegrate in the event of a collision.Due to the support tension of the front tempered glass to the front frame,and the internal and external pressure generated by the full coverage effect,our products can stably wrap the phone and complete excellent protection tasks.