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Ab crunch, a revolutionary total body home workout equipment. With Ab crunch Full Body workout equipment you will lose the unwanted fat, shed those extra inches and stay fit and in shape throughout your life. Ab crunch is the one and only fitness equipment for an ultimate total body shaping and toning work out. This innovative and compact home fitness equipment helps you to do all gym exercises like Push-ups, tricep dips, forearm and bicep push down, bridges, scissor kicks, bicycling, crunches, ab tuck and many more.

The Ab crunch’s patented design contains interlocking springs to target your upper, middle and lower abs, and your oblique’s, but it also does so much more. Ab crunch offers total body exercises and cardio workout to make you acquire the muscular and fit physique you have been dreaming of. It is a compact exercise machine and the ultimate way to work your abs and core muscles and get in the best shape of your life.

The Ab crunch Works your muscles on the way up and the way down, hence, makes you exercise your muscles with dual resistance. The 4 levels resistance system challenges you to work on your abdomen, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs and back on different strength levels. The Ab crunch is the all-rounder home fitness equipment you were looking for.

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