Baseus Portable Tires Inflatable Air Pump Intelligent Car Air Compressor Mini Electric Tyre Inflator Compressors

35,000.00 25,000.00


Baseus Smart Portable Car Tire Inflator Electric Auto Tyre Pump Air Compressor 12V for Car SUV
1. Two-step inflation, only one second, one button to choose vehicle model, press the switch to start inflation, intelligently stop inflating when tire pressure meets your need.
2. High-performance all-metal permanent magnet motor will extend its service life by 10 years with lower power consumption and less noise.
3. Intelligent preset tire pressure, no need to manually adjust the tire pressure value, automatic model detection and matching appropriate tire pressure value.
4. One button precise pressure measurement: built-in intelligent sensor chip, automatic detection of SUV or car tire pressure;
5. The pump is equipped with 2000 small air intakes on both sides to rapidly transfer air to the cylinder, greatly increasing the inflation rate.
6. Can work continuously and efficiently for 30 minutes, can handle inflating 5 tires in a row.
7. Can be combined with tire repair fluid (excluding), no need to go to the repair shop for tire repair.
8. The body is equipped with 4 high-powered LED lights, which can be lit by the light button of the body without turning on the phone light at night.
9. Mini size of a mobile phone, does not take up in car space.

Material: ABS + PC
Color: Black/ White
Rated voltage: 12V
Rated power: 120W
Maximum current: 10A
Continuous working time: about 30min
Product size: 140*106*48mm/5.51*4.17*1.89″
Application: car or SUV

1. If the tire has not been fully inflated for more than 10min, please stop running the pump and check whether your tire is damaged;
2. The continuous working time of the machine should be less than 30 minutes. And the machine should stop running after working for a period of time, and wait for another 20 minutes before restarting work.