A1 Smart Watch With Sim Card & Memory Card Slot



The A1 smart watch is fashionable and elegantly stylish. It features Bluetooth function which you can use to pair with your smartphone and be able to sync most of your data/information to the watch saving you the hassle of always using the phone. If you work mostly with your two hands, you will appreciate the inconvenience of grappling with your phone and work. This is where a smart watch saves you the hassles. With a smart watch on your wrist and paired with your phone. You can make and receive calls from the smart watch. Your android notifications from the phone are all delivered to your smart watch thereby freeing up your hands so you can achieve more.
When you on the road, in traffic or in the suspiciously dangerous zone, you do not need to bring out your phone. Your smartwatch (if paired to your phone) saves you the hassle.
The A1 smart watch is 2G SIM enabled so you can insert a SIM and make direct calls when you do not want to go out with your expensive smartphone especially at night or in restricted areas. As you can see, the smart watch is an indispensable device in modern day life and daily living. Make the right choice Get a smart watch today- get A1, the affordable smartwatch.