7-Color Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard For Microsoft Surface 3/4/5/6/7



Responsive Trackpad: The built-in trackpad gives you the touch screen experience, without having to take your hands off the keyboard.
Adjustable 7-color backlits makes it look more cool and fashionable: Red / Green / Yellow / Purple / Cyan / White / Blue.

– Power on/off: To turn on, slide the power button to right side, the indicator will be green for 10 seconds and then be off. To turn off, slide the power button to left side.
– Wireless pairing: Press “Fn + Delete(Wireless icon)” keys together for connecting. Go to your “SETTINGS” screen on your tablets with Wireless-enabled device, activate its Wireless function and search for the keyboard device. ” Keyboard” should appear. Select ” Keyboard” on your device and the keyboard will be paired. The Wireless indicator will be off.
– Backlit on : Press “Fn + Alt(Light icon)” keys together for turning on the backlit. Press first time is turning on the light. Press second time is increasing brightness. Press third time is lighting off. Press “Alt(Light icon) + Up / Down” keys to change the backlit colors (7 optional colors). When the battery is less than 20%, the backlit will be turnt off. The backlit won’t work until the keyboard paired with device.