Kingkong ll 10000mAh Power bank 22.5

Remax Mini Power Bank RPP-201 10000Mah (Quick Charge QC3.0 18W, 22.5W, PD 18W)
1 year warranty with stamps at the shop. 1 for 1 exchange in the first 2 weeks if the product has a technical fault and the product is new without scratches (Please keep the box and accessories). Support 2-way shipping fee in the first 15 days if the product is defective. Products need to open the box to stick the warranty stamp.
+ Supports fast charging QUICK CHARGE 3.0 18W, Super Charge 22.5W, PD 18W supports fast charging for iphone 8 X 11 and Android lines that support Quick Charge, Super Charge.
+ Compact size, easy to carry (size close to hand 14.2 x 6.2, thickness 1.6cm)
+ Equipped with 2 IN charging ports, you can use Micro Usb, Type C charging cables to charge the battery .
+ Using super durable polymer battery core.
+ Equipped with 2 USB charging ports and 1 18W TYPE C output port. Charging at the same time 2,3 ports will be normal charging
+ Led screen displays battery capacity
+ Colors limit scratches, wear-resistant, slightly curved circle body, easy to hold in hand.