Remax RPP-162 50,000 mAh Power Bank With 4 USB Outputs & 3 USB inputs


Model: RPP-162

Battery: Li-polymer Battery

Battery Capacity: 50000mAh (111Wh)

Rated Capacity: 31000mAh

Gross Battery Power: 185Wh

Micro, Type-C, iPhone Input: 5V=2.0A (MAX)

Gross Input: 5V=2.0A (MAX)

Gross Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)

USB1 Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)

USB2 Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)

USB3 Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)

USB4 Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)

Size: 165*81*50mm

Net Weight: 1082g

Executive Standard: GB/T 35590-2017


A Flashlight Design For Emergency Lighting Power Bank

High-Quality Cell

Charging Quickly

2.1A Output Current

Multiple Protections

Battery Capacity

4 USB Outputs 3 Inputs

LED Lighting

• 3 inputs and 4 outputs, charge, and discharge with one cable. Supports simultaneous charging of four devices

• LED display screen, clear battery status at a glance. With a flashlight design for emergency lighting