Havit M60 Wireless Speaker

M6 is manufactured by Havit the global professional brand of PC and mobile terminal peripheral; it is the national A custom enterprise, the enterprise with independent international brand that is key cultivated and developed by Guangzhou government. Its business covers brand operation, import and export trade, cross-border E-commerce and supply chain service. The sales network evolves more than 80 countries and regions. Except that, it establishes branch office for marketing in Miami, America. It becomes specialized manufacture of many international brands and supplier of chain groups.

In recent years, HAVIT has fully entered into new channel and industrial field such as cross-border E-commerce, mobile terminal, Borlee 3D printing. Under the promotion of remarkable achievements, the influence of its brand has become bigger and bigger, in future; HAVIT will continue to strive for more excellent achievements.

The Havit M6 adopts V4.2 fully compatible with Bluetooth-enabled device with high-speed wireless data transmission and high anti interference capability up to 10m working range. High end delicate front and backward convex iron speaker mesh design. Buy and Enjoy!