18 Inch Led Circle Selfie Ring Light

Material Use thicker aluminum alloy plate to dissipate heat quickly and prolong service life 👉2. Safe voltage The voltage for the lamp beads to work is a safe voltage, and there is no danger of electric shock if the human body is in direct contact. 👉3. Lamp beads It uses 1 W (watt) headlight beads of well-known brands, which is five times that of its counterparts. 0.2 watts, ultra-high brightness to ensure fill light effect. 👉4. Lens technology We are the only factory in the industry that uses lens technology. The role of the lens is to ensure that the light is uniform and there are no dark spots, reducing the irritation of the LED light on the eyes, and thus more eye protection. 👉5. Translucent mask Adopt PC material, surface U-shaped groove design, the perfect combination of width and overall size, to ensure that the product surface is smooth and smooth, more in line with the sense of beauty 👉6. Material of bottom shell The use of new ABS materials, regular heat dissipat