4k Google Chromecast With Google Tv And Remote

The Chromecast is arguably one of the most revolutionary products Google has ever released. It completely changed the way we move content around our screens and helped pave the way for the streaming revolution.
Google hasn’t really changed the Chromecast much since its inception. It changed the shape a couple of times and gave it a 4K version, but by and large, the experience didn’t fundamentally shift. In that time, a lot of Google’s competitors have started to catch up. Amazon, Roku, Apple, and other companies have built streaming devices of their own, directly competing with Google’s Chromecast, while far surpassing it in interface and features.
But now, Google is realizing it needs to compete in the modern streaming race. While the Chromecast is great for, well, casting, users are flocking to full-fledged TV experiences that help you find what to watch. After years of offering an OS that does just that but never really caught on, Google is finally re-entering the streaming wars in a big way with Chromecast with Google TV — a media player that delivers the best of Chromecast and the best of Android TV in a distinctly Google way.