Reasons why i always choose to Buy SSD over HDD

Are you planning to buy a new external drive, or internal drive for your system installation?

Do you find it difficult to choose between SSD and HDD drive?

Well, are my reasons for choosing SSD over HDD – SSD has over 5 times the speed of HDD. When copying files or running programs, they take less than half the time of HDD to copy.
– HDD fail with time. because they have movable parts, those parts become worn out, and the HDD becomes useless.
– SSD are more portable than HDD drives. |For example, a HDD is over two times the size of a SanDisc SSD drive. Apart from that, some SSD drives are small enough to fit into a pocket or to carry around like a key holder.
– SSD consume less power than HDD. They in fact can be connected to most phones through USB type C ports.

With all these difference in performance, speed and reliability, any time clients ask me which to take, i recommend SSD

So, if you wish to buy a new drive, i urge you to buy an SSD drive for both installation in your PC, or as an external drive for data backup