5 smart Devices Every Developer should Have

1. A 1TB SSD/HDD external hard disk. I usually recommend SSD for speed, and urge you to get one. Your laptop will never fit all your files, Tutorial videos and projects. To free up some space, and keep a local archive of your files, this external hard disk comes handy.

With this, when your PC crashes, you still have a local backup of your life’s work.

2. Powerbank, preferably 30,000 MaH

3. Bluetooth headset. Very essential if you must block out terrible noise from your library or environment.

When the noise gets too much, block them out with your wireless headset.

4. An Android phone & an iOS phone. These come handy for app testing and bug fixes. There are android players for PC like Bluestacks, but the real phones handle differently.

5. Flash drive. You don’t want to put your years of research, study and development into one basket. It’s in fact risky to travel around city with your hard drive. You could get mobbed. To be on a safe side, move around with your 32GB flash drive. For presentations or to submit projects physically, go with your flash drive instead of your 2TB hard drive.

With these 5 devices, you will be on your way to 2x productivity and safety around town.

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